Bozeman, MT

March 8th 2020, Marine Special Operations Team 8232 was conducting a cave clearance operation in northern Iraq when two Marine Raiders were killed. This led to multiple recovery attempts. The attempts resulted in another Raider being shot. This Marine was forced to be airlifted off the side of the mountain. This Marine Raider was Nick Jones, and this was the start of his grueling recovery and ultimately, the catalyst for what would become Talons Reach Foundation (TRF).

March 8th, 2022 will be the first program. This date is a day the founders collectively mourn, celebrate, honor, and remember the men who departed too soon. The founders also decided on March 8th because they want to be an example of openness about past trauma. Openness about the things that feel impossible to be open about.

Dates like these bring people together to honor, mourn, grieve, celebrate, or remember the ones we have lost. We intend to not only honor the ones who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but to also remember the ones who are still struggling from the trauma of moments like these.

Our Eagles will embark on a 5 day, all expenses paid adventure that includes recreational activities, holistic methods of healing, and mindfulness practices.

Building an authentic relationship requires mutual trust and bonding the recreational activities will get our eagles outdoor engaging in various activities; guided into the therapeutic mountains of Montana, allowing the breathtaking environment to immerse them in their own healing process. This will naturally enable them to feel more comfortable and build that trust and bond with the group.

This is where the healing begins.

The problem isn’t always about trauma on the battlefield, but reentry into society.


What defines an Eagle? An Eagle is a common term used by the United States military to describe ground combat Special Operations Forces (SOF).

These Eagles risk their lives fighting for our country but many struggle with life off the battlefield. In donating to Talons Reach Foundations, you directly empower the work we do supporting our nation’s Eagles in need.