Created by Special Operators,
for Special Operators.

Our Special Operations forces thrive in complex and extremely dangerous environments. They are trained to avoid complacency at all costs. They refuse to let their guard down or express weakness. They must always be a “hard target.” This mindset becomes part of who they are through training and combat. This results in the undesired effect of unintentionally carrying this mindset permanently. Stress, fatigue, poor sleep, and hypertension becomes normal to the Special Operator regardless of their present situation. This causes the symptoms to get progressively worse as it can take a toll on relationships, lead to excessive alcohol consumption and depression. We want to help them find balance by focusing on the mind and practicing different forms of mindfulness to assist in controlling those thoughts, emotions to ultimately help improve the Special Operator’s overall effectiveness.

Our Mission

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. ” -C.S. Lewis


To provide a helping hand to those who have been temporarily knocked down.

We at Talons Reach Foundation strive to build a community of individuals dedicated to making a difference in other peoples lives.

Our passion towards SOF and their physical and mental wellness drives our mission and ensures we give 100% of our attention and focus to our Eagles. Our goal is to create a place for our Eagles to feel safe sharing what is on their mind. A place for them to go where they know they will not be judged or criticized for taking care of themselves.

We will always be transparent 100% of the time, all the time. With donations, spending, salaries, programs, you will know where it is going and you will see the results. Most importantly we will always do what is right and ethical. Our donors and our Eagles will never have to worry about whether or not Talons Reach Foundation is staying in line with their mission and vision.



Eagles = A fellow assaulter (applies to direct support personnel as well) – used for deconfliction of colliding elements during the execution of direct action raids.

Eagles risk their lives while fighting for our country but many struggle with life off the battlefield. Help our nation’s heroes live for their country.