During our five-day, all-expenses-paid program, TRF Eagles with similar experiences and struggles are brought together and participate in various seasonal recreational activities, and holistic (non-traditional) methods of healing, while thriving in an environment that encourages camaraderie.

Each program is crafted in collaboration with Adaptive Sports Experts to ensure that all participants can enjoy all that Montana has to offer regardless of physical limitations or skill levels. These activities include trail-hikes, horseback rides, equine therapy, snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, and much more.

Through our collaborative efforts, Talons Reach can afford our Eagles’ participation in some activities they have not been able to enjoy since obtaining their injuries and never thought would be possible again. In addition to enjoying recreational activities, we focus on ensuring that each Eagle is equipped to take the skills and education learned back and apply them in their daily lives, maintaining control over their environment. After our program, each Eagle leaves knowing that they are not alone and are part of a greater community.

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What defines an Eagle? An Eagle is a common term used by the United States military to describe ground combat Special Operations Forces (SOF).

These Eagles risk their lives fighting for our country but many struggle with life off the battlefield. In donating to Talons Reach Foundations, you directly empower the work we do supporting our nation’s Eagles in need.